Trips “à la carte”

Cap Canoë : The Cèze, a beautiful canoeing down, both calm and wild

Trips “à la carte”

Saint Victor – Malcap, 4 km – Mini canoeing down

A little trip with the children or to initiate oneself ? Our little route is planned for that purpose, the magnificent site of the “mill of fallen rock” and its beach will attract you.

Saint Victor – Saint Denis, 8 km – Canoeing down half a day

The quiet meanders of our river will lead you to ” Big Rock “, so big as the pleasure you will have to alternate canoe and bathing under the eyes of ashen herons.

Tharaux – Montclus, 14 km – Canoeing down the gorges

A day will be necessary to go down between gorges and secret beaches that only you can discover.

Saint Victor – Montclus, 29 km -Sports circuits in one day, escape circuit in two days

A day necessary for the route that will make you discover plain and gorges. In two days you will take the time to appreciate and to live a real escaping with bivouac in a beautiful place. (your luggage will be transported)